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Striking Terror

Before the fatal click of a detonator...


Micah can’t speak the language, hates his new school, and is wrongly accused of stealing old coins. That’s what happens when a family emergency sends the young magician to live with relatives in Israel. Luckily he runs into a band of street magicians who take to him like a rabbit to a hat. He even gets a spot in their show. Unfortunately he also runs into Shireen, a teenage girl preparing to blow up the bus he rides to school.

When Shireen rejects her suicidal mission, her change of heart unleashes a frightening chain of events that puts both teens on the run for their lives, through the shadowy alleyways of old Jerusalem to the treacherous landscape of the Negev Desert. Will illusion, courage, and friendship be enough to defuse a plot to destroy the peace process and rip Israel apart?

What they're saying about Striking Terror

“Once, years ago, our childhood heroes were Indians, cowboys, detectives and explorers. From Karl May to Jules Verne—authors for children and youth took us to new frontiers, wild landscapes and conflict zones. However, new arenas emerged and with them new villains and new heroes. In the post 9/11 world, terrorism presents the new threat, the new drama, and the scary challenge. In his book Striking Terror, Denis Lipman takes young readers to this new battleground—confronting terrorists with counterterrorist agents. The conflict in the Middle East serves as the amphitheater for terrorist plots, terrorists and agents, drama and tension. Written for young readers, this book is exciting, thrilling and dramatic and yet, rooted in the real world of violence, conflict and terrorism and thus highly informative.”

Gabriel Weimann, Ph.D., University of Haifa

Author of The Theater of Terror (Longman Publications), Terror on the Internet (USIP Press) and Freedom and Terrorism (Routledge)


"What a read! One kid is an amateur magician, the other kid is a trained terrorist, both end up on the run together. If you love magic and are looking for a great thriller, Striking Terror is the real deal.”

Al Cohen

America’s Magic Dealer, Emeritus 


Denis Lipman has accomplished something extraordinary with Striking Terror.  It's a gripping, adrenalin-laced story that tackles big issues, but does so on very human and accessible terms.  His youthful characters are thrust into the cauldron of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, rife with shifting allegiances and betrayed promises, as they embark upon a breathtaking adventure of discovery and revelation that combines the innocent wonder of magic with the harrowing corruption of terrorism.

 Paul Morella

Award-winning actor and producer


Denis Lipman, in Striking Terror, employs marvelous writing skills to reveal an entirely fresh perspective on a topic that invades world news every day. His two main characters, a Jewish boy from London and a Palestinian girl are as alive and vivid as his scene setting.

Jeff Foltz

Author of Birkebeiner, a Story of Motherhood and War (Maine Authors Publishing)

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